Friday, August 20, 2010

And Then There Was Three...

...more days to AMERICAAAAHHHH.


Look at em toes! =D
Getting all better for Americaaaahhh.


and multi-colored nails make me happy
(even if i shuffle around waay slower than everybody else)!


See you all on the other side.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


3 weeks!

Well, 3 weeks-ish. To Wisconsin!
Depending on when the confirmed flight date is.
And 3 weeks for this to heal!

(Haha look, Puddles!)

So that i 'll be able to walk on American soil.
And travel! Hee.

Packing is taking a backseat for now cause i can't do much without my mobility.
But still, i'm getting a bit excited about finally starting my uni years overseas.
So the little toes must heal! =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Karyn is in Nilai. Until Thursday morning.
Still the same old bug infested (or rather, lizard poo) S block, but on a different floor.

Spent the first night/early morning sandwiched between several boisterous groups at the cafeteria. The World Cup Final was too big an event for Inti students to miss, despite some having finals and some having JPA briefing a few hours later. =P

So off we went as zombies at 7 am for the JPA briefing.
My tentative departure date is 23rd August. All the flight dates are tentative because the bookings are yet to be finalized plus the most of the flights to US within that month are already full. Though i think the departure date won't vary much cause orientation starts on 25th.

And then there was badminton on monday evening with some cf people. At least that's something i can play. =P Then hanging out in bee's room with the girls, pigging out on layer cake from Sarawak.

Karaoke at seremban the next day with the girls again! And burger kukus for supper.
This week will be the last time I see some of them. Awwwww. =(
But all is not lost! There's always campus visits and holidays to plan together. =D

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here We Go

Tesco. Pelita Nasi Kandar. Jelutong Pos Burger.
Beach barbeque. Jellyfish. Sitting on shoulders.
Ananda Bahwan. Kite flying. Packing. Lamb stew.
Badminton. Wong Kok. Despicable Me.
G-mail. Maylyn's. Snickerdoodles (addictive and easy to bake). Pictureka. Monopoly. Ip Man. Choo char. Flood.

(Quite) Long distance.
Day 1.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello hello

Eeets aliveeeee! (the blog)
I think the frequency of updates is inversely proportional to the number of pictures.
So the less i blog, the more pictures you get to see the next time a new post comes up! =P

Okay, pictures in chronological order, starting from May up till today.

I haz sunflowers!

Mummy haz new camera. =P

Handmade! =) Birthday gift from a Mr. Chong.

Ghouuuuuuul in soup

Yay dinner! With Gareth, Lynn and Bala.

The duo getting along fantabulously.

Became paparazzi for a day. =P

And found out that someone clearly loves Bala.

Yummers. Lunch @ Gurney on one of the weekends.



And the most recent,
Looks like a wabbit.
He's Alvin by the way. =)

And pictures aside, i got accepted into Wisconsin-Madison.
=) Yays! Now it's all about the housing and visa applications.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Karyn is back home in Penang nao. =) In case anyone still doesn't know.
I've got about 3 months of holiday! Though i must say, time passes real fast here. Maybe it's cause there are things to do on most days, even on the nothing-to-do days as well. Been getting quite a bit of exercise, for which i'm glad. =D after all that inactivity in Nilai and the late night burgers during the last week. Tsk tsk.
Anyone free for a game of badminton? Hahaha. =)

Well, last week the girls came over to Penang for a 3D2N stay. Lets just say that planning and coordinating for a 12 person outing is quite challenging, plus the fact that we didn't have and were not allowed to drive on our own. But RapidPenang proved to be quite efficient! By the way, it was the first time the 3 Penangites (Beng, Wendy and myself) took a Rapid bus. =P

Us! @ Kek Lok Si

Then the following week, the guys came over to Penang. Haha..everyone seems to have nowhere else to go after the cancellation of our Redang trip. Pictures will be up at a later time, when i get tagged. =)

On the academic side, i'm still waiting on Wisconsin to admit me. Wish they'd hurry up!! There's so much things left to be done. Medical check up, forms to fill, visa to make, briefing to attend, accomodations to settle. And again i say, i wish they'd hurry up!! Us engineering people seem to be not getting our admission decisions yet. =/ In the mean time, i feel like getting a temp. job to earn some extra cash. But by doing that, i wont have time for badminton, hiking and such. Dilemma. =P

Last picture of the day,
Nilai Homies @ Crystal & Karyn's farewell dinner
(though not everyone was there)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Kicks off this Saturday with Public Speaking, then it's DE on Monday and Chem 2 on Wednesday. THEN, it will be time to chill. =D
But for now, it's mug mug mug mug mug mug.