Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello hello

Eeets aliveeeee! (the blog)
I think the frequency of updates is inversely proportional to the number of pictures.
So the less i blog, the more pictures you get to see the next time a new post comes up! =P

Okay, pictures in chronological order, starting from May up till today.

I haz sunflowers!

Mummy haz new camera. =P

Handmade! =) Birthday gift from a Mr. Chong.

Ghouuuuuuul in soup

Yay dinner! With Gareth, Lynn and Bala.

The duo getting along fantabulously.

Became paparazzi for a day. =P

And found out that someone clearly loves Bala.

Yummers. Lunch @ Gurney on one of the weekends.



And the most recent,
Looks like a wabbit.
He's Alvin by the way. =)

And pictures aside, i got accepted into Wisconsin-Madison.
=) Yays! Now it's all about the housing and visa applications.

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Jasryn said...

Your mum won the naming argument then =D Bob he is not.